Bathroom Design Trends You’ll Love

Importance of Maintenance and Repair
The Importance of Maintenance and Repair
May 23, 2018
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June 15, 2018

Bathroom Design Trends You’ll Love

Bathroom Design Trends You’ll Love

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Changing a few things up? Whether it’s a quick lick of paint here and there or a complete transformation, there are endless ways to redesign your bathroom and give it that new lease of life it’s been craving.

However, we don’t want you to just go wild here. First things first, we wanted to give you some tips and ideas of modern and fantastic bathroom trends in 2018. Some of these trends you really won’t want to miss out on, so let’s get into it…




For the past few years, marble has been getting increasingly popular. Why? Because it just looks great! It’s modern, sleek, classy, and adds a little pattern to the room and is something a bit different. Incorporating marble into the design can be as minimal or as extreme as you’d like. Whether it’s marble tiles or just a few accessory type pieces dotted around, it really is one of the best trends of 2018!



Floor tiles

Floor tiles are a bathroom trend you simply can’t miss out on. They’re great for so many reasons, with the main one being that they’re the perfect way to jazz things up with their unique, and sometimes rather loud patterns. In what may otherwise be a pretty plain bathroom, floor tiles are ideal for adding a bit of character and life into the place. This can be quite an extreme change to make depending on the pattern you go for, but it’s certainly a good one that will be sure to capture people’s attention!



Metallic colours

Shiny, metallic colours work really well with good lighting. It’s an ideal opportunity to couple the upgrade with new lighting for your bathroom so that they really compliment each other. As a result of this perfect pairing, your bathroom has an entirely different look and feel – seeming quite glamorous and classy, and making the place look a little more ‘high end’. The best thing about using metallic colours in your bathroom is that it requires minimal changes for a large impact. It’s a very stylish transformation and can either be done through paint or things like taps and shower heads – add some shine wherever you can!



Bold changes

This term is quite broad, but that’s because it really can be applied to anything. The most obvious of these is probably colour. Making a really bold colour choice is very ‘in’ at the minute, and we’re starting to understand why. A lot of people like to keep their bathroom quite plain, and go for a bit of a ‘less is more’ approach, and so stick to simple colours such as white or grey. However, we’re starting to get a bit more brave, and now one of the biggest bathroom design trends is sticking a bright, bold colour in their somewhere.


As we said, it doesn’t just apply to colour. You could make a bold change by adding a bizarre feature or accessory, or perhaps a plant! The opportunities really are endless.


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