Since march, The covid-19 lockdown has stopped us trading. the current government position on allowing companies to trade again, along with our own commitments to health and safety, mean that from the 1st July, we are returning to work.

We are thankful to our customers for their understanding, only contacting us for emergencies and waiting for services beyond their due dates. We have a backlog of requests plus new enquiries every day and so we are operating a booking system based on our new working procedures (detailed below).

As a result of the financial impact covid-19 has had on everyone, we have taken the decision to introduce a new, lower fixed price for servicing and lgsr’s. We have restructured our pricing and believe you won’t find a better price for the same level of service.

Boiler Service £39.99+ VAT

This includes: Gas Tightness Test, Visual Inspection of boiler, Operational test of boiler and a Basic Boiler Service. Additional appliances are charged at a flat rate of £12.50+VAT each.

LGSRs are charged at the same rate.

What Covid-19 protection measures do we have?

We did not consider returning to work until we were able to ensure we could protect our customers, ourselves and our families. we have compiled a new working checklist to ensure human health and safety is placed at the forefront of our work.

  1. We will be contacting customers prior to their appointment to ask if they (or anyone close to them) has any symptoms or thinks they may be ill. Equally we will not attend if we have any symptoms.
  2. We have reduced our operating hours to 3 hours a day to reduce the number of people we come into contact with. This will be in place for July and august
  3. We will wear single use face masks and nitrile gloves at every property
  4. We will use hand sanitizer before and after every job
  5. Sanitizer spray will be used in customer properties where we work
  6. We ask you to respect the social distance rule when we are in your property