Do You Need a New Boiler?

Your boiler is pretty crucial to your home, and so it’s important to understand the signs when it comes to how well it’s working. If you’re noticing regular issues with your boiler, big or small, you need to get it checked out by a professional plumber. Doing this can get to the root of any potential problems there may be, help you to understand what is going on, or even save you a bit of money.

We wanted to talk about a few of the things to look out for when it comes to needing a new boiler, or simply anything that could signal a problem with the boiler, as these things can sometimes go unnoticed.

Things to look out for…

As we’ve just briefly touched on, faults with your boiler aren’t necessarily always that obvious. A lot of people only tend to notice a major problem when their hot water or radiators don’t work. However, there are a lot of other ways to spot when something isn’t quite right. Sometimes it can only be a minor problem, but spotting it early prevents it from spiraling into something bigger and more costly.

So, here are some of the common signs to look out for with your boiler…


Unusual noises

Is your boiler making strange noises? Whenever you turn on your heating or hot water, be aware of any noises that come from the boiler, such as banging – this could be an early sign that something isn’t working properly or that there is a mechanical problem somewhere.


Any leaks

It’s very important to keep an eye out for leaks, and even more so to report these leaks and seek professional advice or monitoring. This can come in the form of liquid or odours, whether they’re faint or strong. You must always report this as boilers can have carbon monoxide leaks, which can be fatal and poisonous if inhaled, and so being aware of any signs can be life saving.


Failing to work properly

This is a more obvious thing to spot, as it has an effect on your day to day like. Perhaps your heating frequently stops working, or it doesn’t provide the amount of heat it’s supposed to, or even not coming on when it’s set to do so. These are all indications that something isn’t quite right. Furthermore, if your heating or water is taking unusually long to heat up, this isn’t always a huge issue with the boiler itself but could be more so to do with blockages within the system or dirt.


An increase in your monthly bill

An increase in your monthly bill could be a sign that your boiler is getting a little too old or not quite working properly and therefore doesn’t run as efficiently, which is why it is costing you more.



Have regular checks

Even if you’re not noticing anything particularly unusual with your boiler, it’s good to just have it checked by a professional plumber every now and then. This could expose something before it turns into a bigger issue or causes any harm. If you’re having frequent issues, no matter how small they may be, you should have this investigated as there could be a bigger problem that you’re unaware of and it may be time to get a new boiler.



Sometimes it’s better to buy a new boiler, than pay to repair the one you have

There’s no hiding from the fact that boilers can incur a large cost. Sometimes the cost of repairs are so steep that you’re actually better off buying a new boiler all together, especially if it’s old. If it is old, it’s likely to present more issues in the future and you’ll have to replace it in years to come anyway.

It’s important to remember that boilers only have a lifespan of around 15 years and they won’t work forever – maybe you’ve moved into somewhere new that’s had the same boiler for so many years and it’s on its way out and needs swapping and replacing with a new one. Get it checked by a plumber so that you can decide on the best option.


Getting frequent checks on your boiler can stop problems like these from occuring. If you’d like some professional advice, talk to us today on 01257 485279 or 07969 091610 or alternatively, send an email to