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August 31, 2018
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June 11, 2019

FREE Plumbing Workshop

Towards the end of May I am working in partnership with Chorley Council to bring a ‘Principles of plumbing’ workshop at Tatton Community Centre, Chorley (just a 10-minute walk from the train station) completely free of charge.

I originally approached Chorley Council to see if there was anything I could do to help the community and make use of our skills and services at the same time. They had suggested some sort of workshop and left me to ponder my options. At first I had decided to aim the sessions at young people considering a career in plumbing and introduce them to the industry but as the ideas started to flow, I thought I could make it more useful and more universal.

At this stage, I still had young people in mind – what about someone leaving home for the first time? It isn’t second nature to know how to bleed a radiator, top up a system, isolate a leak and stop a nuisance drip and it is worse to have water pouring through your ceiling not knowing how or where to stop it.

These problems occur and are more common than you may think. The damage it can cause is extensive and if you’re not insured can have huge financial implications, not to mention the emergency plumber fees you’ve just paid out. Calling a plumber in an emergency can be daunting as you don’t have the luxury of time to pick and choose, you’ll take anyone who’ll come and the costs can be huge but sometimes, it’s your only choice.

I decided this 2 hour session should give genuinely useful information and teach some basic skills which anyone can master, to give anyone, of any age the knowledge and ability to prevent damage and tackle the small issues without having to call the professionals.

I’m not claiming to teach an NVQ and you certainly won’t walk out a qualified gas engineer or plumber, I just want to enable people to take control of small problems in their own homes before they become big problems. Even just stopping a leak, until you’ve had time to choose who you want to fix it and not paid hundreds in a panic.

The session is open to anyone of any age with little or no knowledge at all of the plumbing world. Don’t worry, there will be no tests and no ‘on the spot questions’ from me. You are free to ask anything you want but you will not be under pressure to do or say anything. You are welcome to just come, watch and listen.

We can even talk to you about a career in plumbing and how to start if that’s your interest, or just come and learn something new. All tools and plumbing equipment will be available to use, provided to us for free by Plumbase, Chorley and AMS plumbers merchants.

FRIDAY 24TH MAY, 11:30am-12:30pm at Tatton Community Centre, Silverdale Road, Chorley, PR6 0PR


To book contact: or call 01257 515151

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