Do you have any symptoms such as;

  • Radiators hot at the top, cold at the bottom
  • Radiators not getting very hot
  • Boiler making a banging noise or cutting out
  • Noisy pipe work
  • Any blockage on the heating system

This could indicate sludge, debris or iron filings in the system. Older systems had few mechanical parts and could take more 'neglect' then newer boilers meaning the system would often get dirty and contain brown or black water. More modern boilers have many sensitive and mechanical parts and one of the first things to deteriorate is the heat exchanger. This is what gets heat to your system and if it becomes contaminated with any debris, will begin to under perform until complete failure. There are a few different ways to clean a system and power flushing, where water is forced through your system and with the aid of chemicals, breaks down any debris and cleans your pipe work, boiler and radiators is a good way to do this. In some circumstances, power flushing would not be recommended (such as micro bore pipe work) so again with the help of chemicals, a magnetic clean could be carried out and each radiator cleaned separately to ensure all debris is removed. After the clean, it is recommended to fit a magnetic filter to prevent this happening again.

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