The Importance of Maintenance and Repair

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May 1, 2018
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The Importance of Maintenance and Repair

Importance of Maintenance and Repair

Here at JR Williams, we specialise in plumbing and all things associated with it. One of the things we’re heavily focused on is maintenance and repair, ensuring that everything is kept in its best condition and running smoothly. Not all plumbing businesses see this to be as important as we do, but sometimes it’s the small things that lead to the biggest problems. Nothing is too big or too small – whatever issues you may be having, we are more than happy to help.

Why is it important?

General maintenance is important because it ensures that things are and continue to work properly, and should there be any big long term trouble ahead, spotting it early can prevent it from happening and stop the problem before it actually occurs. For example, your pipes may become dirty or blocked, and although this may not seem to be causing direct effect, it can become troublesome in the future and so getting them drained or cleaned out can really be a big help.

Cost effective

Although you may think maintenance or getting something repaired isn’t really essential, and going without could save a bit of money, if you do it you could actually be saving money in the long run. As we’ve said, catching something early can stop it from spiralling into a much more costly job in the future. It’s better to pay for a little repair now and have everything reliable and working well in the future, than to just leave it and be faced with a big cost further down the line.

It’s better for you

Regular maintenance keeps everything in tip top condition, which generally results in a longer lifespan. For example with pipes, keeping them cleaned out and unblocked really helps to extend their lifetime and have them functioning well for the many more years to come. It’s also known to have a positive impact on your bills, as sometimes when things aren’t working properly, like the boiler for example, this can rapidly increase your monthly bills.

It lessens risk

This can be applied to multiple aspects. Though regular maintenance on your pipes and water lines, you can spot any cracks or holes, which as a result can allow sewage or other dirty water to get through, and this can lead to contaminated water running through the pipes. As you can imagine, this easily leads to huge problems and can cause danger within your household.


Noticing the problem, no matter how minor it may seem, and getting it sorted out can prevent big problems in the long run. If you would like anything seeing to or repairing, get in touch with us today on 01257 485279 or send your enquiry to

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